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Japanese kitchen knives designed by SharpEdge and handmade by the Japanese knifemaker Suncraft in the famous knife city Seki in Gifu prefecture, which has more than 800 years of tradition in blade making and is the center of blacksmithing in the region.


When traditional craftsmanship meets modern technology steel.

About Suncraft

Kouhei-Shinmatsu ZDP-189: powder steel (65-66 HRC)

The ZDP-189 steel has gained a reputation as one of the most technologically advanced steels in Japanese knife making, due to its unique characteristics.

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"To be perfectly honest, I've always been drawn to western style knives, but since being introduced to Kouhei-Shinmatsu ZDP-189 bunka, my preferences have changed. I love how lightweight and nimble it is. And the sharpness... it's unparallel!"

Jorg Zupan, Michelin star chef

Burja: first Japanese-made prosciutto knife

Burja is a knife of our own creation - we love good knives, we love good prosciutto, and good prosciutto should be sliced by hand using the sharpest knife around. Burja is the first Japanese-made prosciutto knife. 

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SG2 Bunka Matte: high-end powder steel

The knife features a matte, unpolished finish with a very pronounced line at the bottom of the blade.

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Bunka Black Damascus: 33-layered Damascus cladding

A 33-layered Damascus cladding means every piece has a unique pattern on the blade, making every knife one-of-a-kind.

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If you own a brick&mortar or an e-commerce retail shop and would like to become a dealer/reseller by adding a selection of our knives, please email us.

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Knife maintenance

With proper maintenance, Japanese kitchen knives will last a lifetime!

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